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The stud farm is situated in the Castilla area, in the lovely village of Navas de Oro, on the Marigarcia country estate, an area formed by aromatic pine trees and lush green meadows irrigated all year round.

The stud farm started its journey back in 1993 with mixed breed horses which where then changed in 1997 by the integration of Pure Race Espa ol horses (PRE), with the thoroughbred breeding programme implemented in 2002.

The stud farm has dozens of quality breeders and two impressive studs, a Capa Negra & Baya selected from diverse stock for their own superior qualities not their origins, creating a selection from Yeguada Escalera, Millitary stud farms, Boloix, Bocado etc.

We operate under three main principles in our selection process, the beauty, nobility and movement.


All the animals have their freedom, carefully watched over and controlled via the security cameras fitted in the installations and surrounding meadows, from the foals to the three year olds which are either sold or trained in house.
The feeding regime is ad libitum with green fodder, produced and harvested on the same estate. .

The main markings you will see are black, chestnut and bay in equal amounts, with the aim to make the PRE horses even more beautiful if possible, mixing them with less common coats.